Implementation of Augmented Reality with Ionic?


Hi, I was wondering if there are any augmented reality SDKs out there that support the Ionic framework. I’ve seen wikitude, but it seems to be for PhoneGap and a couple other frameworks.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


I am currently trying to implement Ionic with Wikitude but its not going very well.
It seems i will end up using jQuery mobile, which i am not fan at all.
What did you @austind end up doing?


I’m curious on your progress. Did you eventually switch to jQuery mobile or were you able to continue with ionic. I’m looking into starting a wikitude project with cordova but wont have the flexibility to switch frameworks once things are in place


We were able to get Wikitude working. It took a long while, but it was possible. Unfortunately, I don’t have the project anymore, but I do remember that we followed the demo app that they have to the t.
It is definitely possible. My only advice, sadly, is to carefully follow the code in the demo.


I first tried with jQuery Mobile but then i figured i can make it work that way with Ionic.
The thing is you can’t include anything else besides architect. If you try to include cordova inside their example (e.g. world/3dModelonTarget) you will get all sort of errors that cannot be fixed.
So what i did is put link to world/3DmodelOnTarget/index.html inside Ionic Menu. And then inside that i added custom made ionic like header so you can go back to ionic.
It took me too long to figure that it won’t work in any other case, hope this helps.