How to Create quiz app


I want to make quiz(multiple choice) apps with below feature.

  1. random question from php server
  2. shuffle options
  3. show answer at the end with wrong mark compare to answer and total number
  4. level lock & unlock



Cool, good luck with that.


thnx, but how can I do that


You could start by reading the Ionic 2 documentation!


But I m not a professional programmer. I m a civil engineer. So its very tough to read all those. any qiz related tutorial ?


You could check here.


:slight_smile: thnx, But did it earlier and failed


So you must pay to the professional programmer or stop cry and start learn. have a nice choose.

PS: I recommend to learn Angular 2 before


Closing this.

@arctushar I really suggest you take a look at our docs and learn some angular in order to build your app. No one on the forum is going to teach you how to build your app for you.