Quiz Application with mixed Questions fetched from Database


I want to build a Quiz Application on Ionic 3 using Php Web services from MySQL database. My Question is that how to show only one question from url on a page and after its answere next question to be present on new page or to reopen that page with new question. Need Help !


Would you not just store a payload of questions on the device itself?


Can you please elaborate ? An example would be awsome :grinning:


Build an API that returns a question (and its answer). When it was answered, request the next one. Continue until no questions are left. (You will have to find a way to note which questions the user already saw - you can do that both on backend and app)


Just for you (just now)


Thanks i am looking at it :slight_smile:


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Well that was great (y) can you do something like that for data that is coming through Json URL ?


If you update your repo I’ve added in a pretend fetch of data in the constructor.

You can see it’ll parse json data as objects into the ‘questions’ array.

And I’ve even thrown up a please wait modal for kicks :slight_smile:


Sorry it might be annoying but where to put my web service ?