Ionic won't refresh anything

Hi! It’s been a lost day of work and I feel very frustrated.
It’s been some time since I been able to run my app on my device and get it to work properly.
Whats happening is that everytime do cordova run --device it will always show an older version.
I updated the version in config.xml, did cordova prepare, uninstalled previous version of the app, clear data and cache.
I don’t know what Im doing grong, should I run it some other way? I also searched for answers on other topics but none seems to work for me.

Currently Im running Ionic 3.6.0, Cordova 7.0.1 and npm 5.3.0
Please guys, give me a hand because Im running out of time with this development!

Thank you so much!!

npm run build isn’t right for your situation?

I never used that one. Does it creates a debug apk?

If you have the android platform installed, yes.

Solved with

ionic cordova run android --livereload --device


You are missing the ionic in front of that command. This command always uses the old build and doesn’t actually rebuild your Ionic app before building the app. Use

ionic cordova run android --device.

Edit: Oh, I should have read all posts before answering :wink: