Run Android not updating


Since about an hour when running ‘cordova run android’ the app loads an older version and is not updating. I tried platform rm android and re-adding the platform. I also deleted the app of my phone many times.

Anyone know any fixes for this?

I tried cordova run ios but that one has the same problem. In ionic serve however it does show the up-to-date version.


Try to remove all in www folder and then build it again


When I try that and do cordova run android or cordova build android the www folder doesn’t get filled back up.

Update: Ow with ionic serve it does get filled and updated. Fixed now thanks!


Try ionic cordova run android. I just tried it and build is successful and www folder has files back


You should not use the cordova commands directly but always prefix them with ionic. Only then your Ionic app actually gets built as it should - otherwise your apps can contain wrong or broken Ionic builds.


The normal ionic commands don’t work on my app. I always get this message, that’s why i use the cordova ones.

Sannes-MBP:buddy-NEC sann$ ionic run android
The run command has been renamed. To find out more, run:

  ionic cordova run --help


You have to use ionic cordova run android instead of ionic run android