Ionic cordova run android does not generate a fresh app-debug.apk

Recently I started seing a strange behavior, when I run

ionic cordova run android

to deploy my debug version of the app to an actual android device, the generated app-debug.apk does not reflect the changes I made, and when I look at the app-debug.apk file I see that the date and time has not changed. No matter how many times I keep running the above command nothing changes.
This behavior is also valid when building a --release version too.
It does not fix until I restart my Mac computer.
My working environment

OS: MacOS Big Sur
npm: 8.3.2
ionic/cli: 6.18.1
cordova: 11.0.0
cordova-android: ^10.0.0
ionic/angular-toolkit: ^2.1.1
angular/core: ~9.1.6
ionic/angular: ^5.0.0

I don’t have any clue to what has happened that prevents the apk from updating and it is driving me crazy.
Any thoughts would halp and thanks in advance

Any one!!! Any ideas or suggestions!!