Ionic with MYSQL Database using Xammpp server

Can someone please guide me on how to setup a database? Now i know this may not be a new question and some people have suggested other solutions but i would like to know if it is possible with xammpp … like will it work if i run a php code? (I am using xammp and phpmyadmin for database management)


I am too facing this problem!

You can check out this website though, it is excellent method of doing (I think) what you want:

Similar like you, I have not much of an idea how to actually set up a database especially for the .php file which you can find in the link I posted.

If you have any idea on how to do it, do comment!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try following that link. Also, using the database is simple if that is what u mean. Just install Mysql and use phpmyadmin to customize it.

This is what i am using but i am pretty sure there are other ways. Hope this helps.

you can use rest api for connecting your app to mysql database…