How to connect my app to a mysql phpmyadmin database

Hello everyone,
I’m currently doing a employer project for Keysight using Ionic 4 to create the android mobile app. On the other hand my colleague is doing a website version of the project and so he is the creating the database. So far i have managed to work on the UI of the app but I’m stuck on how to connect my app to his mySQL database. His using php laravel framework to build the website. About the app, its only to display data for employees to view the data and also a feedback form for them to key in their feedback, thats it.
So the problem now is how do i connect to his database???

Search this forum or the PhoneGap forum on’s site for the solution. It has been asked and answered multiple times.

i tried searching through adobe but couldnt find my topic but suppose do u have the link to that forum @ChrisGriffith

Why connect directly to the database? Is it an option to create an API on the Laravel side and use that to get (and store) your data with

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