Ionic connection with phpmyadmin database

How to send and receive data from client side in ionic 2 using phpmyadmin as database system and creating a server using xampp.
Eg. There is a register page and login page. Register page sends data to store in database. Login page matches username and password and returns a token which validates the user’s login.
NOTE: I just need to know the client side typescript coding

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Same as any other Angular app.


Good question, actually i am also really want to know how to do that ,

(phpMyAdmin is a database administration tool, written in PHP and for MySQL databases. Do you mean MySQL?)

The Ionic App is your client, the backend the server that uses the MySQL database. You need an API in the backend that you communicate with, most probably over http.

@Sujan12 Yes. It’s MySql. I’ve created the server and the database. Also, I agree that http must be used. But I’m not sure how to proceed. I’ll try and see if I can work my way around it.