Connect my app with MySQL

Good to all, I’m doing an app and now I want to connect it with a database but I do not know how, I’ve already researched and I still do not know. The truth is that I am already very confused, someone to help me please.

I wrote an article that explains the general concept of integrating any backend with Ionic:

It includes a simplistic PHP/MySQL example. The general idea is that you can use whatever you like on the backend, as long as you somehow expose an API that you can make HTTP requests to from your Ionic application.

Word of encouragement, connecting to SQL with handwritten php is challenging. Php is a difficult language to make sense of. It takes a bit of time and work to put the pieces together. It’s not just you.

Also, consider looking into PDO. As far as php goes, it provides protection from SQL injections and other inherent php vulnerabilities.