Augmented reality with IONIC + AngularJS

Hi, i’m currently working on a project that needs AR “marker-based” so i just need to an SDK or plugin that can detect a marker and show a message.
Someone knows some library, plugin or whateever? (not Wikitude, its to expensive)


Hi, I’m also interested in augmented reality solutions using web technology. Looked at wikitude, it’s working but pricey.
Searching for “javascript augmented reality” I found some interesting entries:

You might not need a specific plugin and use only javascript.
Good luck.

thnks for answer!, have you ever used one of them? i’ve already searched for “awe.js” but it sais that it’s only for browsers… i didn’t know if it work on a mobile app without using a browser (chrome, opera,etc)
Now, i’m going to researching for the others and i will tell you

Wel, your ionic app is already using a webview (browser) and running javascript, so you can try. It depends on what kind of features are needed and if these are supported in a specific mobile browser. Slide #2 mentions some required HTML5 features and browser support:

I’ve only played with wikitude, not (yet) with others.

Well i tried but it didn’t work, maybe beacause they’re not commiting or update it for 2 years.

which tutorial did you followed to implement a wikitude app using Ionic? i’m totally lost with the official docs.

I’ve build the sample application from Wikitude locally. Not wrapped it inside an Ionic app. Others have done, search the Wikitude forum for angular.

Found some other AR/Angular/Cordova/Ionic implementations: (opensource) and (paid)

You can take a look at the winning projects for the angular-cardboard competition:

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