Ionic view will not refresh new upload

I started with the standard sidemenu boilerplate app I did “ionic upload” then opened in ionic view and it worked fine
opened in my browser with “ionic serve” and it works fine. so I just changed the menu names just to see how easy it is to update the app, and see the changes in ionic view. did another ‘ionic upload’ after I changed some menu names. in the browser the changes are immediate so seemed ok, however ionic view will not refresh. I deleted the app entirely from ionic, removed the ionic view app from the device, reinstalled, re-uploaded the “myApp” boilerplate with my basic text changes, nothing still the same menu, cleared all caches on the device to the best of my knowledge. I tried adding some cache busting when it tries to load all the html files, nothing works, I am completely unable to make changes to my app and see them in ionic view.

I am using Windows 7, and my device is a Android - Galaxy S3

I havent used it in a while, but I found that you have to sometimes delete/clear the cache, then exit out the app and open it again for the new app to show. You probably do’t even have to do all that, I just wanted extra confidence that I was using the updated version lol

I have the same problem, i can see my updates when i make ionic upload.
Preview is always the starter template (i clear cache, delete App, build platform…)

pretty sure I have tried clearing everything, I do not get the feeling that the server is clearing the last version(or first version in my case) it will not change no matter what cache I clear, remove app from device, delete the app from page entirely. clear all caches on the phone from app cache, browser cache(in case it uses the same cache) used some additional cache clearing tools. nothing seems to help other that moving the code to a new project and upload a new app anytime I want to see a change, the emulator however gets the changes on every build, but the emulation is soooo slow, there is no chance I will develop like that.