Ionic view strange behaviour


I am having a strange behaviour when I upload the app to ionic view.
Currently I am trying to persist an image from the camera to Parse using the plugin: cordova-plugin-file .

Having the device connected by USB and running ionic run android is working fine.
But using ionic upload, then from the ionic view application is not working.

Running from the Ionic View application the code alert(window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL)
displays undefined but if runs directly on android or deploying using android studio then it is running fine.

Does someone experience the same behaviour?
Does ionic view not support cordova-plugin-file?


@mustaine All lot of things doesn’t work on Ionic View, I remember that I tried to test the Android microphone record feature and it wasn’t working as well. I may be wrong and if someone know can confirm this, but the Ionic Viewer is only a viewer? I mean it is used only to check the rendering of your views on a real device but you cannot use the cordova-plugins on it? Not sure …

So, I found the problem

The plugin cordova-plugin-file is not supported by ionic view app