Cordova file plugin not working



i have added the cordova-plugin-file to my project, but it does not seem to work. At least, when I try window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL it throws an undefined function error.
This code is inside the platform.ready event. Do I need to do anything else in ionic 2 to get this working?

I am trying this in the browser (ionic serve). The plugin states that it supports the browser as well.



Hy guys i have the same problem, but im trying it on an android device and i still get “window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL” undefined:
“Object [object global] has no method ‘resolveLocalFileSystemURL’”

Anyone knows why?


I’ve been having the same problem, I get the same error “window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL is not a function” both using ionic serve, and on android. This is quite frustrating…

Any suggestions?


Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you certain you have added the plugin after the platform?


i have same question


hey guy, i found a solution, it’s working on ionic beta 10

import {Camera, File} from "ionic-native";
declare var window;

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(imageData, (entry)=>{

// entry.toInternalURL() => cdvfile://localhost/assets-library/asset/asset.JPG?id=78EE38D3-34C1-4752-983B-6E20EAFF87AD&ext=JPG

// entry.fullPath => file:///asset/asset.JPG?id=78EE38D3-34C1-4752-983B-6E20EAFF87AD&ext=JPG

but i can’t show image using that


Any idea how I can use it in beta 11


i belive it will work with beta 11


Same problem on ionic 2.0.0-rc.0


window.resolverLocalFileSystemURL can only be used once platform is ready:

platform.ready().then(() => {
    window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(path, (dir) => {

Don’t forget to import Platform from “ionic-angular”.


Having this issue with ionic 2, has anyone properly solved this? i am using the CamerPreview plugin and am just trying to display the captured image.


Hi Joachim,

You can try the following code.

File.resolveLocalFilesystemUrl(imageURI).then((fileEntry) => {

   this.imgUrl = fileEntry; // "img/bg1.jpg" ;


Don’t forget to import the File from the ionic-native.

Good Luck


use this, import { File, Entry } from ‘@ionic-native/file’;


did you ever get the resolved have the same issue on ios. works fine on android


you ever resolve this facing the same issue


it returns empty directory list,

  var myPath = cordova.file.externalRootDirectory; // We can use the default externalRootDirectory or use a path : file://my/custom/folder

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(myPath, function (dirEntry) {
     var directoryReader = dirEntry.createReader();

function onSuccessCallback(entries){
  console.log( 'The magic will happen here, check out entries with');