Ionic View: Plugins and Services

Hello everybody,
I am a little bit confused about some Ionic View aspects.
Sorry if these are stupid questions but I really need to understand as soon as possible.

I’ve just upload my app on, and I see that some plugin are not working. I found these list
and i was wondering if this is a complete list. Example I see that the $cordovaNetwork is not working and the same for the $cordovaSocialSharing. Instead, if I run the app on Android they’re working.

Another question is about the services that Ionic View gives.

I don’t understand if the deploy service is connected, in some way, with the Stores. I mean can I update and deploy on and then, automatically, they are deployed on Google Play and Apple Store? Or the service is limited to the ionic environement? The same question is for the Push Notificatio service.

Thanks in advanced for support.

While I’m not super familiar with Ionic View, so I can’t answer your questions with lots of detail, I just wanted to chime in and say:

There is no such thing as stupid questions especially when it comes to programming.

The only thing I would recommend doing is searching first, but if you don’t see any results, feel free to ask.

I’m sure someone here can answer your questions about the Ionic View service, but my understanding is that yes, you are correct that not a lot of plugins are supported unfortunately. And ionic upload will not upload your app to the app/play store automatically, but ionic can help with building your project for that. See here:

Good luck!

Hi Danny, and thanks for reply. I think you’re right about the deploy.
For the Push service, instead, I think it works with the production application. The service lets us to communicate in one place and spread on both iOS and Android through apns and gcm.
Anyway I have to test it.