Inic View App: camera photos not loaded


My app takes camera photo and then displays it on the screen. I uploaded it to the IonicView and now camera works, but i can’t see captured images. Running app instantly on a device all works properly. Where is a bug?


Can i have and AppID for checking?


Yes of course, app id is d1a15852.
Also you can see app code on CodePen
Please, report me, works it app in AppView for you or not and device you are used.


The bug is in ionicView app i guess. There is have to be installed several plugins,no? Like FILE\CAMERA and so on.


Yes, plugins are declared in the package.json file and installed in my app. Local build on android device works perfectly. In Ionic View camera works good, but image does not appear. So i think, in Ionic View my app can’t access to the file system.
It is very sad if IonicView has such bug.


Exactly this what i am trying to say. There is no solution that ionic view app can install additional cordova plugins. So the best solution what i am seeing in this case is report a bug and offer to install often using cordova plugins in Ionic View app build even they are not necessary for ionic view.


Found this post in the blog, explaining how Ionic View works


exactly what im talking about

At the moment, plugin access is restricted to a specific subset of plugins, including GeoLocation, Keyboard, StatusBar, and BarcodeScanner, and we will be testing and adding many more in the coming weeks and months