Ionic View - Splash screen does not display

Can someone please guide me how to display a custom splash screen on Ionic View App. It is missing on the app but if I install in directly on the device it works


you can use the splash screen plugin to show or hide but this will show or hide the splash screen file specified in config.xml.

The other way is to create a splashscreen state and show it when the default one is hidden.

You can customize splash screen in config.xml on ionic root

use these settings

and you can change splash screen for android on given path

“platforms\android\res” here is splash screen.

Read more about splash screen customization on this article

Thanks you for your reply.

Am I missing something? For the splash screen works when I run it on a device or emulator but does not show when ran in Ionic View App.

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Is there anybody out there ?

Hi, everything it´s ok. Ionic View doesn´t display splash image because ionic view app have their own splash screen, it´s only a container of your app. So… you have to emulate or run on device

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