Splash screen never seen with Ionic View

I have a brand new Windows environment with the latest versions of node (v8.9.4), ionic (v3.19.1) and cordova (v8.0.0).

I have created a new (blank) ionic project, installed the cordova-plugin-splashscreen plugin, added the ios (and Android) platforms to my project, created splash screen and icon resources for this project using “ionic cordova resources”, edited my config.xml to prevent the splash screen from auto hiding, and commented out the line that is automatically added to app.component.ts which hides the splash screen once the platform is ready. In other words, I have attempted to create the most basic app which displays a never-hiding splash screen.

I have then committed all of my code to ionic pro and, through the web portal, successfully deployed the app.

Finally, I have installed the Ionic View app on my iPhone 5, and can see my test project listed there. When I click on this, I see the “instructions” page very briefly (which tells me how I can shake the device to do something-or-other), and then I go directly to my blank ionic project’s home page. At no point is my splash screen shown.

I have no Android device to test natively there, and I understand that I would not be expecting to see the splash screen when testing using “ionic serve” because this bypasses cordova.

So in short, using all of the tools which I believe I have at my disposal, I have been completely unable to see an example of my splash screen showing.

I have read numerous web pages describing various reasons why the splash screen doesn’t show. These mostly seem to boil down to the splash screen being hidden before the user ever sees it, something which I believe I have already followed the necessary steps to prevent.

My question is a fundamental one:

Deploying an ionic pro app created with my “free” Ionic account to my iPhone 5 using the Ionic View app, should I be expecting to see my splash screen? Or is is actually “as designed” that no splash screen is displayed? Is the “instructions” screen (“Shake this device to…”) a substitute for my splash screen which ionic pro is causing me to see. In that case, if I was to buy a cheap Android device and plug this directly into my Windows development environment via USB, then presumably I would have more luck seeing my splash screen that way?

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Wondering the same thing, but it seems like it’s a no go. You need to use an emulator or a physical device:

It’s worth noting that you will not see the icon nor the splash screen when using the browser testing or Ionic View testing. Instead, you will only see these once you deploy them to the actual physical device or the emulator.