Ionic 4 - Splash Screen - No Show


I have an Ionic 4 App that I’m working on and I want to have a Splash Screen show.

I see that the application has some imports and code in the app.component files to support splash screen functionality. However, I do not have a splash screen showing, nor is it apparent where I can change the image/page, etc.

I did comment out the this.splashScreen.hide() call to see if that would do anything, but I still just see quick white blank page then my login page shows up.

I am currently testing with browser on laptop, running ionic serve, and also using DevApp on iPhone.

So, any help on the following would be appreciated:

  1. How to get splash screen to show up
  2. How to customize image/page that shows up as splash screen


Neither one of the those environments will let you show your splash screen. The splash screen is not supported in the browser, and with the DevApp, it shows its splash screen.

To see your splash screen in action you will need to compile your application and run it on a device.

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ChrisGriiffith is right about those environments but you don’t have to run it on a device. Simulators are ok also. I implemented splash screen & animation with that video tutorial and tested it on iOS Simulator in XCode: