Ionic View with an Ionic Deploy enabled app


The app I am building is about to go into the first phase of testing and for that phase we are going to use Ionic View so I have been playing around with it this week and overall it works very well and is a great tool for sharing and basic testing.

However, we also want to use the Ionic Deploy service for this app so that users will be able to get live updates to the app without us having to re-submit the app through the app store.

I do understand that you cannot use the Deploy service from within Ionic View (as the plugin is not one of the compatible plugins). However, what I have found is that as soon as I enable my app for Ionic Deploy i.e I have the initialisation code in my app.module.ts

const cloudSettings: CloudSettings = {
‘core’: {
‘app_id’: ‘xxxxxx’ },
‘insights’: {
enabled: false

then my uploads to Ionic View fail to work - it’s as if the ionic upload command then only uploads snapshots for Ionic Deploy and not Ionic View. Is this expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?


I would guess Ionic View has some of the Ionic Deploy Code itself to load and update apps and that this clashes with what you have.

Did you create a new app, added Ionic Deploy code, then uploaded to see if it appears in Ioinc View at all?


I must admit I didn’t try this with a new test app - I just tested Ionic View uploads on my existing app (and then when I added the deploy code Ionic View stopped picking up any subsequent uploads). Saw Max’s blog post last night so I’m very interested to see how things progress with View and Deploy. Thanks @Sujan12