Ionic upload and Cordova plugins - how does it work?



I’m curious to know how ionic upload works with the Cordova plugins I’ve installed. Does it upload the plugins I’ve installed too? Or does it upload only my fetch.json file and pull the plugins from the repository or registry stated in the file?

Example fetch.json:

"my-cordova-plugin": {
    "source": {
        "type": "git",
        "url": "<my github>/<my cordova plugin repo>.git",
        "subdir": "."
    "is_top_level": true,
    "variables": {}

Any input would be most appreciated :slight_smile:


ionic upload ignores your plugins completely. It basically only uploads the html and JS part of your app to an Ionic server, gives you an app ID and enables you to view this in the Ionic View app:

That’s why Ionic View can only support a limited number of plugins that are included by default:

Hope this answers your question.


Alright, thanks that answers a lot of questions :slight_smile: