Ionic Upload

Hi I am using Ionic 3. When I upload an already existing app (“ionic upload” command) I see the updated timestamp in Ionic View on my iPad but the content does not change sometimes.
Any hints how to solve it?


Did you restart Ionic View?
Did you restart the device?
Did you reinstall Ionic View?

I went to Ionic 3 and on that change, this problem now happens 100% per upload, rather than intermittent like it used to.

The way I fix it is to
a) Sync the app in ionic view (like you would normally)
b) Fully close/quit the Ionic view app (by going to app carousel - and pushing upwards)
c) Restarting ionic view
d) Hitting sync (it will complain that was already synced)
e) Bingo - will be latest version

Now this is Ok to do YOURSELF - but if you have a team - its a bit of a pain I must say.

100% since moving to Ionic 3

Also using the primary user login on Ionic View (Rather than a shared user), if that makes any difference

I have experienced the same problem. Ended up switching to a proper build and using the ionic deploy solution.


good hint!!! That works but takes a lot of time ;-).
Thank you so much!

Will Ionic fix it in a future IonicView release?


I have raised it here…

Yes and no. More information here: An important update on "Ionic Cloud" and where we're going with it

Wow sounds great! What is the timeline on these product features and when these are planed to be released?

No further information available than what is in the blog post and this forum post.
(My guess: More months than years, but also more months than weeks for all of it)