Ionic View - Can't view demos

I have a problem with the Ionic View app. When I start it, it goes directly to My Apps (without any actions of me). Here is a video:[1].mp4?dl=0

I tried to

  • logout / login
  • clear all app data, logout / login
  • uninstall / reinstall

I have a Sony Xperia Z5, Android 5.1.1

Any suggestions?

DITTO… I am having exactly the same problem on my Blu Dash-M, Android 5.1

The app starts and flashes a screen with a (vertical) “…” then within a fraction of a second goes to a similar screen with the the tool Icon (just like in the video posted below).

If I am super fast, I can hit the ‘…’ before it flips to the other screen. I see the ‘preview apps’ screen, but before I can click anything else it goes to the screen with the tool icon.

I am totally stuck. Any help would be appreciated


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