Glitch in Ionic View


Has anyone experienced a glitch in Ionic View? it is running on Android. As soon as i deleted an app that I had created on Ionic Creator I cannot access my colleagues app. Simply, the ionic View jumps to Woah! No apps yet? It does not provide the screen to enter the app name. I was able to trick the app by logging in and tapping the area where the menu should appear. But the default is Woah. Is there anyway to get the screen to key in the app details or its a bug that needs some weed killer?


My coworker has exactly the same issue on his Android phone. The app works like a charm on my iPhone, but he immediately sees “Woah, no apps yet!” with a stretched out robot icon head.


Hey @zinifax,

It’s important to note that Ionic View and Ionic Creator Mobile are two different apps. Apps that are still in Creator are not available in Ionic View unless you export them and then upload them using “ionic upload.” They use two different backend systems.



@mattkremer I’m trying to share an app with someone but he is having this same issue.

It is reported here: Android View App skips preview screen (so can't add anyapps)

It seems related (the same) as this one, there’s a video that clearly shows the glitch in Ionic View: Ionic View - Can’t view demos

I can’t reproduce this personally, in my phone the robot image looks OK, but it seems it’s being stretched in some phones.

In my phone, a “similar” behavior can be seen by rotating the phone with Ionic View open. The buttons to preview and load an app will hide and as the scroll is disabled the buttons become inaccessible.


Not sure about this one @tiangolo, I’m on the Creator team. If you’re trying to show someone an app from Creator, I recommend using the Creator Mobile app (which is available to Creator Pro members).

Otherwise I recommend posting in those other topics or creating a new topic, as this one pertains to Creator.


Yeah that looks like a bug, thanks for opening up an issue for it! For anyone else experiencing this, if you could post what device you’re seeing it on as well as what version of Android that would be helpful in trying to track it down, thanks!

The issue is here:


Ah! Thank you @mattkremer, sorry, I didn’t know this thread was for Creator.

Actually, I still can’t find where is shown this thread’s topic, to know it is related to Creator… Maybe it’s an issue in the forums platform or something.

Anyway, I post the issue in the GitHub issues: I imagine that’s where it should be.

Thanks @mattkremer!

Ah! Yeah, that exactly. Thanks @tim


No problem @tiangolo Just wanted to make sure you got to someone who could help, like Tim :slight_smile:


Posted to github device details.