Android View App skips preview screen (so can't add anyapps)

I am trying to view an Ionic app from the Android View App. I had no trouble downloading/installing but when I run it, it flashes (presumably) the preview screen but then within ~1/8 sec goes to the MyApp screen. As such there is no way to add an ionic preview app.

A client needs me to look at an app in Ionic view. This is exactly the same problem as was posted on February 12, including a link to a video showing exactly the behavior I am getting:

No one replied to that other than myself just now with other notes on this bug.

This is a ‘hard stop’ bug and clearly I am not the only one who is experiencing it.

I wonder if anyone is looking at this forum.
Anyone from Ionic?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

  • Yes I tried uninstall/reinstall of app
  • Yes I tried logout/login (even tried creating a second account)
  • Yes I tried “Clear All App Data”

Sorry about opening up a new topic on this, but as I am new to the forum, I wanted to try bubbling this to the top since the previous one seems to have gotten hidden


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