Ionic view - blank screen

I have completed an app and uploaded it.
I have installed ionic view. I start the app on my device but just get a blank screen. The app runs perfectly on the device when using ionic run.

I am using the native intel security plugin, which is not listed in the supported native plugins, would this cause the issue?

If so can I get this plugin added to ionic view?


Probably not. But you can ask:

(If you don’t mind me asking: Why do you need Ionic View if you already have a running app you generated yourself?)

Hello @Sujan12 thanks for the response.
I do not have a completed app I have tested the app on a connected android device, that is all.

I thought the point of ionic view was so that I can share and test the app with other users in the company. And also for iOs. Can I share and beta test within my company? If not what is the point of Ionic view or is it just for marketing?

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Ionic View is the easiest way to get an Ionic prototype on real devices, especially to iOS if you are not on Mac yourself, that’s correct. But now you hit a roadblock with the missing plugin - that won’t be fixed any time soon. Look at the Github issue I linked, if new plugins are added at all it takes a looong time. And if you already have a running app on Android, it’s not that hard to make the jump to also have an iOS app - sooner or later you will have to anyway.

  • If you are on Windows/Linux, use Ionic Package to build the iOS app.
  • Use HockeyApp or something similar to distribute the app to your testers.
    (Okay, this is a bit more painful on iOS with all the UDID stuff - but remember, roadblock?)

Anything else I forgot?

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