Blank app in Ionic View


I want to test out my app by using the app Ionic View. Unfortunately all I see is a blank screen with a blue navbar header.

I have uploaded my app using ionic upload. Then I have synced my app in Ionic View and finally I press ‘View app’. I see the Ionic loading animation and then I just see a white screen with a blue navbar header.

My app uses a blue navbar header, so it is loading something.

When I run my app in the browser or when I debug it using a USB-cable and live debug on my phone, everything is just working fine. So why isn’t it possible to use my app using Ionic View?



I have a similar problem. I’m using Ionic View about 2~3 months, but it went blank screen after my latest upload :confused:

PS: And the codes work on the browser and emulator.


Hi @MartijnGr,

Did you find a solution? Do you have the issue only on iPhone?

My Ionic 2 app is working with Ionic View using an Android phone, but not working with an iPhone. :frowning:


Same here, works in browser and iOS emulator but not ionic view