Ionic View App iOS not downloading latest update

Hi. I’m trying out ionic view app on iOS to test the barcodescanner cordova plugin. On updating the app and then after a successful “Ionic upload”, the view app is synced to latest version but then shows an older version of the ionic app.

I’m unsure if the upload to www site is supposed to be instant or not. The iOS app does take a while to sync the app and does seem to succeed but it just seems to download a previous version.

I still get the same effect if I delete the app from iOS then upload to the ionic view site again.

Any suggestions please as I’d really like this to be possible?


Hi pmcochrane,

it happened the same to me. Even deleting the app, uploading from CLI and downloading from within the Ionic View produced the same result.

Go to the Ionic View app, select the app you want to update and Clear the App Data (I even delete it right after, just in case). Now you can download it again and you will see the new version.


Clearing the app data does not work for me unfortunately.

What I have found is that if I sync the app then view it shows the previous version (as before). If I close the ionic view app by double clicking and closing the app entirely then the next time I open the Ionic view app and try to view my cordova app it will show the new version WITHOUT having to resync.

It may be iOS caching something in the Ionic view app. For info I’m testing on an iphone 4S with ios8. I get the same effect on and Ipad2.

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@pmcochrane thanks for posting this back, it has saved me time and frustration. I love ionic viewapp, Ionic keep rocking !

Hi, I’m having the same issue using iPhone 5 with iOS 8. I’ve tried deleting the app, changing the name, the ID, clearing data, @pmcochrane solution but nothing works. It shows the first version I upload and never refresh the app, not even HTML. The only thing that worked for me is to create a new app, copy the www folder of the original app to the new one and upload that. Not a practical workflow!

Anyone else having this issue?

I recently faced the same issue and the most optimal way to solve it was to simply remove the app_id in the ionic.project file and re-upload the project. This will cause Ionic to generate a new application ID for your application.


Thanks @crisu83, that worked! Didn’t know the trick of removing the id. Much faster than creating a new project.

This seems like something they need to fix/address. Same thing happening to me two years and 3 months later.

I’m also dealing with this same issue. While the app has successfully updated on my personal device (which is logged in with my Ionic account), my secondary device that can only preview the shared app and is forced to input the app id every time will not update.

Thanks @crisu83. Works perfect.