Ionic View Alternatives for native android / ios code

Are there any alternatives for Ionic View, or an update on when Ionic View will be available?

If I have native android / ios code as part of my app, am I still able to host it as a firebase webapp and deploy it that way?

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An alternative would depend what you want to use it for, but I’ll assume that you are using it to show the application to other people, get feedback etc.

I’m not sure if the situation is still evolving but it seems like the official response from Apple is that developers will need to use Apple’s TestFlight for this purpose, so we may not see them unban the applications they removed that provide app testing functionality or allow new ones.

You can distribute the application through the web for the purpose of previewing the application, but none of the native functionality will work unless there is an equivalent web API, but assuming the application is designed with that in mind it can still mostly work through the web (so it may work for the purpose of previewing an app/getting feedback if you aren’t relying heavily on native APIs).

If you’re looking for an experience like Ionic View provided, then TestFlight is probably going to end up being the best (only) option.