Ionic view removed from play store too

I used to use ionic view with my clients even after it removed from apple store but recently
ionic itself removed it from play store
according to this Topic
They said that’s because it have no use now
I think it still have benefits and use
any way ?
anyone have any idea how to make my clients test the apps (I don’t want to use APK or TestFlight )

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i also relied on ionic view for sharing the app preview for my clients Whats is alternative method for sharing app preview other than ionic view with out sharing apk

I hope ionic team is working on alternative to ionic view. Hope to hear a good news soon!

You can just upload the static files (html, js and css) into a static web hosting.
I suggest to just use firebase which is free and give the link to your client.

I use testfairy for testing with my clients:

Works fine with ionic.

Just a random thought here, and I haven’t tried implementing it myself just yet, so forgive me if I miss some details here. (:

If we break it down, Ionic View itself wasn’t much more than a platform-specific build of Cordova that allowed a developer to dynamically load up the web side of their own app on a client’s device. Right?

So, could you not simply replicate the same concept using Ionic Pro’s “hot reload” distribution feature?

This way, you could also have a slightly different base project for each client, which you could then duplicate (or even get fancy with forked Git repos) each time you needed to start a new app for them. Naturally this would come preconfigured with the hot reload distribution settings and build configuration that are specific to that client. One major benefit here is that you may have repeat clients, where each app that they would need might have a specific plugin requirement that other clients don’t generally need.

I’m now imagining being able to run tests on the core of a client’s new app before they’ve even asked for it…

Naturally the Android side of this would be far simpler than the Apple side, but since you’ve already mentioned both app stores, I highly doubt I even need to mention anything of that lovely process here… (:

My point is, is this not a clearer and more controllable solution to the problem that Ionic View was actually trying to solve?