When can we see Ionic View again on App Store?

Hello guys

Ionic view was taken down by Apple a while ago. I think it’s mainly due to Apple wanting to promote their app TestFlight which is the same as Ionic View.
When can we see Ionic View again on App Store??
I would prefer to test Ionic apps on Ionic View.
or Is there any other way to test an Ionic app on a cloud environment?
I’m looking for a better solution than TestFlight.


Apple does not want to promote TestFlight. What would be Apples benefit from this?

I think Apples problem is that it is possible to sideloads with Ionic Pro and this is not allowed from the appstore as the app review doen’t make sense and opens the door for bad user experience and malware.

This is a big thread for Ionic Pro. I wonder why this is not a topic here.

Apple is now forcing everyone to pay $99 a year for using their TestFlight, IPA distribute certificate.
They make a lot of money from that for sure. That’s why they have taken down Ionic View and Phonegap test apps which are third party from their point of view.

I would recommend Ionic team to develop their own online testing platform which can be accessed from a browser.

I’m not Apple’s lawyer, but this is wrong. A developer payed from the beginning even when TestFlight wasn’t a service from Apple, but from an external company. You pay the price to protect the appstore from crappy apps and reduce the manual workload for the reviewers.
That’s how you establish quality. Compare it with Android and the tons of malware /crappy apps in the play store.

Well, making developers pay and taking down Ionic View, Phonegap preview app will not help them establish quality.

Not to be trite, but, money. At least an effort to persuade consumers to use their product and cause said consumers to further integrate an iOS lifestyle.

Why would they NOT want to promote their own product?

That’s not a snarky question. I’m curious as to why you feel that they wouldnt.

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It is not their product. It is a tool for them. Products are the things you can buy in the store. 99$ is a fee that prevents (most) developers to submit hello world apps. As apple has an interest in quality they do manual reviews.

I’m starting to think this article can be real.

They took down Adobe’s phonegap test app… if they want to take down other cordova apps, they will do that without any notification so it’s better to learn Swift for iOS apps.

@oge, TestFlight and developer program are Apple products. When you use them, you’re simply purchasing their product / program.
and there are still hello world demo apps on apple app store…

Very true. I recommend it to everbody to use native developments as hybrid apps are a total mess from multiple perspectives. And if you have the right team it isn’t expensive.

Ok. I guess I would just rephrase my question to why would they not want to promote one of their tools as a means to an end to buy their products?

Do you think it’s just a tool of minimal interest and not worth promoting, etc.?

I still think this is pretty unlikely to happen. If it did though, I suppose I can see some benefits (i.e. filtering out a lot of hacky programmers).

Even so, I really dislike the fact that Apple invented a new programming language that is essential to building apps for them but has absolutely no use in any other setting.

Android is at least Java based, and allows for developing a skill that doesn’t pigeonhole you into investing in only one area: Android.

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So aside from all the speculation here, the important issue to me is Ionic View AWOL on the app store. Does anyone have any workable solutions, e.g. other good ways to share iOS apps not yet ready for the app store with my testers in a way that’s easy/convenient for them to download/test/comment/etc.?

Don’t want testers to have to come to my office to get new app releases via bluetooth or whatever. Needs to be something they can download from net.

I don’t know anything about TestFlight, do I need to look into that?

Build a dev .ipa and host it on my web site for download, but side-loading is getting to be a pain.

Maybe iMazing? Heard of this today, don’t know anything about it yet.

I have Ionic View on my iPhone, downloaded from app store apparently just days before Apple pulled the rug out from it. If I had an easy way to share Ionic View with my testers, that might work.

Can testers download/use the old Ionic View with the gray icon background instead of the blue one? I recall there was some reason we were supposed to get the blue one, but I don’t recall what it was.

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So… now what is the solution / alternative to share an app to testers on iOS… ?