Deploying ionic 2 app to beta testers

What is the recommended way to get my app to my beta testers both on android and ios?

Depends if you need to access phone hardware or not. Ionic View is perfect for that if you don’t. Otherwise you should use Apple’s Test Flight on the iOS side. On Android you could use HockeyApp, or I think Android has a beta program as well…

As @rlouie said, for testing a pure HTML/JS app Ionic View can often be enough. But if you have native code, by using Cordova plugins not supported by Ionic View, I suggest using HockeyApp to distribute the whole app you created to your testers. Even if Ioni View would be enough, there are multitudes of problems that can only be tested in the real, final app you will want to upload to the stores.

I am using the location plugging, so i will use hockeyapp, thank you