Ionic v4, Cordova Build Release (Android)

I cannibalized the starter Tabs app but when I build the release version for Android I seem to get the ‘Welcome to Ionic’ appearing. ( I can’t find that in my code anymore.)

It doesn’t do it with ‘ionic serve’

I’ve deleted WWW folder and the Platform folders it still happens
I’ve changed the Version numbers App Name and ID in case my phone was caching something.

Any ideas about what stupid thing I’m probably doing?

If you are using tabs template then welcome to ionic is available on tab1 page and if you still not found then use notepad++ to search in files

Thanks, but it is not in my code anywhere.

I initially published the the starter app to my phone to see if everything worked. It does seems like my phone is caching it.

( It is getting “better”, now it happens the second time the app opens, not the first time. )