Ionic 4 Tabs Starter still doesn't work

I know Ionic 4 is in beta, but the Tabs starter template hasn’t been working for 2 weeks. What’s up with that and when can i get it to work.

It worked for me:

Install Angular globally using npm

npm install -g @angular/cli

To check your version of Angular

ng --version

Install TypeScript globally using npm

npm install -g typescript

To check your version of TypeScript

tsc --version

Install Ionic globally using npm

npm install -g ionic

To check your version of Ionic

ionic --version

To scaffold your project

ionic start MyIonic4Pwa tabs --type=angular

Change directory

cd MyIonic4Pwa

Launch the project

ionic serve

For example:

Switch Tabs for the first time is reloading the entire app in Ionic 4 not sure why. It is reproducible in the new starter template.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install tabs template for Ionic 4
  2. Now when we run ionic serve -b the first tab is selected by default.
  3. Now when we click on second tab it refreshes the whole app and get redirected to first tab, this problem occurs only once.

Another Issue that I was able to find while developing an app in Ionic 4 is
on the tabs first page the url link reads as localhost:8100/tabs/(home:home). now when we navigate to a different page other than tabs using command

and then come back via back button mentioned in the header.
    <ion-buttons slot="start">

the url is now updated as localhost:8100/tabs instead of localhost:8100/tabs/(home:home) now again if we navigate to about page or any other page apart from tabs switching the whole app crashes :frowning:

@robinyo - Can you please check this once and let me know your findings, its a humble request! Thanks in advance

Also adding to the above issue this.content.scrollToTop() functionality is not working.