Tabs doesn't show on Android


Hi all,
I recently started learning Ionic and so far it looks great. I have just one issue that I can’t solve. When I build app for Android the tabs are not showing. It is in my private app and also in app from course about Ionic:
In browsers preview they are just fine.
There is a placeholder for them but they are invisible.

Here is codepen with html code:
Any suggestions how to fix that?


Why don’t you use <ion-tabs> and <ion-tab> directives rather than CSS classes as shown in the ionic tabs starter app?

Try generating the starter app with ionic start myApp tabs.


I did but I have one view so when I click on tabs “active” state isn’t change. Thats why I switched to div’s and set “active” class by myself.
And using ion-tabs didn’t change anything- they are still invisible after building app. It looks like something is wrong with them because in app from course from lynda it is the same.


Unfortunately, your codepen does not help, it is missing too many parts: no JS, no template.

Have you reported this to the author on Lynda, if his course does not work he should fix it.


Ok I found a tool for debug Android apps and I turned out that it was something with ng-include src. On Android this path was wrong so tabs couldn’t load. After knowing that I started to search on the internet for that and I found solution here on forum: Tabs and ng-include?
@gmarziou thanks for Your help!