Ionic UWP store submission error.. The Application cannot include an ApplicationContentUriRule with 'all' or 'allowForWebOnly' WindowsRuntimeAccess

I have an Ionic(3) Cordova application, where I want to include a Windows UWP version. On iOS and Android I have no problems, but UWP I just cannot get my ajax to work and be store compliant.

My issue is with my ajax calls being blocked on corporate networks as outlined here

So, the issue was I needed to add privateNetworkClientServer , which when testing locally, fixed the blocking issue. Also, as explained in the link, I have attempted to add the “local mode”.

The store now rejects it with

Error Found: The app manifest test detected the following errors:
    o    The Application cannot include an ApplicationContentUriRule with 'all' or 'allowForWebOnly' WindowsRuntimeAccess while any of the following capabilities are enabled: enterpriseAuthentication, sharedUserCertificates, musicLibrary, picturesLibrary, videosLibrary, removableStorage, documentLibrary, internetClientServer, privateNetworkClientServer.

So, now I am trying to remove the

            <uap:Rule Match="http://localhost:8080/*" Type="include" WindowsRuntimeAccess="all" />

from the appmanifest, but when I do the Ionic/Cordova build, it keeps adding it back.

It seems there is something wrong with everything I do, all I want to do is run ajax calls across a network (seems like a pretty common case to me)

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on this latest problem, Ie the

 <uap:Rule Match="http://localhost:8080/*" Type="include" 
     WindowsRuntimeAccess="all" />

Thanks in advance for any help.

It appears my problem was I had <allow-navigation href="http://localhost:8080/*" /> in my config.xml. I don’t know how this got there, and creating a new blank ionic app I notice it is NOT there.

I removed it, and now it is not added to the Windows appManifest. This could be my solution.