Ionic UWP build ajax calls can't access the internet (outside of localhost)

Hi I have an application that connects to a backend REST service via https. This works fine in ionic serve, and also when deployed and running on iOS and Android.

I have finally, after a very long battle, got a UWP build to install on my local desktop dev machine (Windows 10). I’ve double clicked the .appx file to install, and then app successfully installs and displays


  • Access your Internet connection

When I run a test http command it has, it can connect to localhost, but not to a remote server using https (and a published DNS names that works everywhere else).

Does anyone have any ideas here on how to diagnose this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Is there something like devtools for Windows with Edge maybe? That’s what I woul use for iOS or Android to see if there are any errors being logged…

I built it in debug, and I could run it in Visual studio and put a break point in the error handler for the http.get

As we can see below, not much to see (status 0 and no status text)


For Chrome and Safari we get useful output on the console.
HTTP status 0 mostly means the request was blocked because of security reasons.
But I don’t know any details about debugging UWPs.

Yes that’s what I am thinking. UWP doco is by far the most sparse

I don’t think this is specific to Ionic, I can’t get any UWP Cordova app ajax call to work. Broader issue logged here. and here.

( might be another semi valid place to create an issue…)

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That is something I haven’t tried. I have logged an issue here.

Also currently trying to get some Microsoft development support, paid or otherwise.

Fingers crossed!

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Wow, after all that, testing a sample app in a different device, and using my cell network rather than the office WIFI, I could finally get an outside connection.

Damn, really? Is it a Firewall or network problem then?

Yes. I can’t believe I didn’t suspect and try on another. Just seemed weird that only seems to block the app (even the call on a browser worked).

Huge lesson learnt.

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