Ionic upload cli timedout

I’m on windows with the latest version of node installed and the most recent ionic cli installed and yet each and every time i try to do ionic upload in the command prompt, im greeted with error ETIMEDOUT. There has been little to no help or info on any other thread and I simply want to get this resolved as it prohibits me as a developer from accessing ionic view, push,deploy and other ionic services.

Firewall maybe or are you working on a corporation natwork?

I’m on my own network and firewall should not be an issue as it was not before.

There could be some network issues. But if you are using older version of ionic-cli, please update using npm install -g ionic and give it a try again. Few of the services like push, deploy, and io init are added in the recent version of the ionic-cli. The older version of the ionic-cli could be one possible case.

i have updated, installed and reinstalled ionic and yet still a connect error of ETIMEDOUT.