CLI: Splash-icon error: Failed to upload source image: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

The Ionic-cli is returning an error every time I try to run “ionic resources”:

Ionic icon and splash screen resources generator
 uploading icon.png...
 uploading splash.png...
 ? Failed to upload source image: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

My internet connection is OK, all the other tools(npm,bower,git etc.) are working properly.

Does anyone get this error? Is the Ionic image resizing server down?

If the server is running properly, which could be the problem? I’m working through a proxy but I have no problem to execute any other command that uses online resources. I can run “ionic start” without problems and the sources are downloaded.

Same problem here, I am also behind proxy but gets no problem in other commands. Maybe, it is a problem of proxy.

I don’t know which is the reason, but we have noticed that the http requests made by the “ionic upload” and “ionic resources” command don’t travel through the proxy.

I have spoken to my network admin and we have also discovered that not all the “upload” and “resources” requests are against the same IPs. It seems that there are different servers that are called randomly.

I am developing in a windows machine and I have set up the npm proxy configuration through the “HTTP_PROXY” and "HTTPS_PROXY "environment variables. Y have also tried using the “npm config set” comands to set the “proxy” and “https-proxy” variables but the “upload” and “resources” commands keep going outside the proxy.

For the time being, I could give an IP list to my network admin and ask for access to this IP list without proxy, but I don’t even have that list.

Is there any configuration flag which makes this commands work through the proxy?

I opened an issue and it has been tagged as bug: