Ionic CLI - Getting timout when start a new project

Hi everyone,

I´m using the CLI version 1.2.12 and I´m getting timout when it´s trying to download app-base from Github.

vagrant@ionic-android:~/projects/poc$ ionic start teste
Creating Ionic app in folder /vagrant/projects/poc/teste based on tabs project

Error fetching: { [Error: connect ETIMEDOUT] code: ‘ETIMEDOUT’, errno: ‘ETIMEDOUT’, syscall: ‘connect’ }
Error: Unable to initalize app: { [Error: connect ETIMEDOUT] code: ‘ETIMEDOUT’, errno: ‘ETIMEDOUT’, syscall: ‘connect’ }

I just made a simple wget on github url and it works with no problem.

Anyone experience the same ?


Hmm, what OS are you working on?

I just tried this on osx 10.10 and was able to start a project.

i have the same problem

i try setting the proxy parameters to accept Git connections, but that is not a solution.
Anybody know how resolve this ?


Solution for Windows:

  1. Goto system setting -> environment variables -> system variables -> click “new” button
  2. Give name " HTTP_PROXY" as variable name and your company proxy in value.
  3. Again create new variable by clicking “new” button in system variables section. Now give variable name give “HTTPS_PROXY” as variable name and your company proxy in value.

it worked for me (:


Hello, I have Windows 7 (32 bit) I installed node, git, jdk, android sdk, cordova and ionic, everything is fine, but I have the same error as the person who wrote before. I configured the system variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY system. I tried the variables also with “:1280” (port number). I wonder if there are any other suggestions, I am anxious to start with Ionic now! Thank you so much!

It works for me :slight_smile: Thanks.

Try this. It worked for me

  1. Open a command prompt

  2. Run this

set PROXY=

  1. Run this

ionic start myApp tabs

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this very work !
thanks !
i can start new project now