Unable to login/upload to apps.ionic.io

Hi all,
Been trying to login and upload to apps.ionic.io but keep getting an error. When I run ionic login or ionic upload, I enter my username and password. After about 20 seconds, I receive the message:
ERROR: Error logging in: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

I’m on windows 7, have tried disabling the firewall and also tried it with a brand new project but get the same results.

I’ve verified my username and password by logging in via the website.

Any ideas?


Upgrading to the latest Ionic CLI version fixed this for me:

npm install -g ionic

Hope this helps out anyone else having the same issue.

I did npm update -g ionic and it didn’t fix this. I’m getting error loggin in username or password incorrect message. I’ve verified I’m using right username and password I can login to apps.ionic.io just fine.

Same issue here – I can log into https://apps.ionic.io/apps and create apps, but using ‘login’ or ‘upload’ from the ionic cli results in:

Error logging in: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Checking the ionic version with npm list ionic -g shows that I have ionic@1.5.5. I don’t think that I have any unusual proxies or anything – and ideas? thanks

I too have the same issue. Did you resolved this issue?

I’ve been having issues with logging in from the command line. I get the following error:

Error logging in: Error: unable to get local issuer certificate