Ionic Themes - Reviews

I built my ionic application and I am rather happy with it. I do believe however that it could do with a lift visually.

I find myself adequate when it comes to the styling and I like Ionics base component set. But I am looking for something to take me away from the general look. I need to give it a boost.

I found quite a few places offering “Themes” either for free such as ionic material or for a price such as Rubyonic and Gemionic. Some of themes look fantastic!

My first concern is obviously performance. Then my next 2 questions will be -

  1. Support for such themes. They obviously build on the ionic core components.
  2. Converting my existing application. How big of a task will it be to convert my already quite large application over to one of these themes. I have not strayed much in terms of the original ionic components. Just some small css/sass changes here and there.

I’m looking for any reviews or advice from people who have gone the route of using either a free theme or paid for theme.

Hi @francoisgrogor, I’m Semoju (Creator of gemionic and rubyonic) Thanks for the feedback!

To answer your questions:

Support We’re regularly updating. Gemionic just got a major update today with a brand new design. You’ll be able to add the generic ionic components in it and create new screens with minimum fuss. You can see the difference at (APP ID f32151ec)

Converting your existing application If you can integrate your app using the any of the starter themes, its possible to integrate into other themes. Depending on your ability to replace the static content with your bindings and controllers while familiarizing yourself with the states and extra markup, the time involved boils down to your pace. But Gemionic is based on the sidemenu starter template, and doesn’t stray from that file structure. So it should be easier.

We’ll be adding more updates based on feedback, so if you don’t see something that you would want, let us know.