Ionic Material Theme


Has anyone tried the ionicmaterial theme in Ionic Framework ? I want to learn how it affects performance, and how easy it is to really implement ?



I find myself adequate when it comes to the styling and I like Ionics base component set. But I am looking for something to take me away from the general look. I need to give it a boost.

I found quite a few places offering “Themes” either for free such as ionic material or for a price such as Rubyonic and Gemionic.

My first concern is obviously performance. Then my next 2 questions will be -

  1. Support for such themes. They obviously build on the ionic core components.
  2. Converting my existing application. How big of a task will it be to convert my already quite large application over to one of these themes. I have not strayed much in terms of the original ionic components. Just some small css/sass changes here and there.


So what is your comment on the result or lessons learned ?