Back Navigation With Nested Views

So I have an app that has 4 tabs, each tabs has a bunch of nested views. My issue comes about when I am multiple nested views down in one tab and then goto another tab. When the back button is hit (hardware one) I would like it to go back to the last nested view in the previous tab. It will go back to the other tab but only after I hit back long enough to get to the root view of that tab.

Using the example below, lets say I have navigated to view 2ba and then tab2, when I click back it will change the params of the page to match view 2ba but not change the html content etc. The view history shows it is on the current view as view 2ba but again the content is that of tab 2.

Quick Example of views:
Tab1 - Root

  • View 1
  • View 2
    -View 2a
    -View 2b
    -View 2ba

Tab 1 - Root

I realize that each tab has its own history etc. but there has to be a way to do the above. If more info is needed, please ask.

P.S. I can not add the project to plunker etc, the app code (route) etc is quite long.

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No clue how to close this, but I ended up fixing the issue by just writing some code that will switch the active tab as well as the view wehn back is pressed.