Ionic Studio Bugs

I decided to give Ionic Studio a try. To be honest, I like the concept but I find it unusable in its current state. It’s definitely an alpha product (v0.4.0).

  1. Where do I report bugs?
  2. Maybe my issues are hardware or OS related?

I’m using a Dell XPS 9575, 16gb memory, Radeon RX Vega M GL, docked with two 1440p monitors, Windows 10 x64 Pro 1903.

In advance, I am sorry for how raw this post might come off as, but do know I enjoy Ionic Framework a lot and I am happy to contribute to such a great project with the small monthly payment.

Some of my issues include:

  • The live-view (next to the html, not the standalone view upon serve) stops updating, or duplicates objects or groups of objects, or doesn’t show certain things at all. This is very noticeable when working with lists of items that include labels and slotted icons, with list dividers.
  • Drag and drop within certain items places them incorrectly in HTML, but correctly in live-view. Also the opposite occurs.
  • Adding new pages or components doesn’t update the project overview screens for quite some time. In most cases I go mess around with some other page and come back and then it updates. The newly added items are in File Explorer.
  • Adding components from the component screen makes components show up in the page overview, not the component overview.
  • The live-view shows highly skewed versions of some pages, though they appear fine in the browser in mobile view.
  • Some properties don’t seem to persist to the HTML (I forget which now)
  • The code formatting would pair well with a Jackson Pollock piece.
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It’s not stable at all. I just downloaded the latest release and when I go to create a new project the background task kicks off, but the new project dialog doesn’t get dismissed… then it just seems to sit there waiting on something, but I don’t know what…