Ionic Slidebox

Hi, i’m using ionic framework(awesome) and i have twoquestions :

  1. im using ionic slidebox in order to slide some photos.
    and i would like to know if there is anyway to slide the photos up/down to remove ?

  2. i want to use my own icon (which i made with photoshop) how do i use it ? ( i converted it to .ico and used is it the right way ?

Thanks for the help!

For custom Icons, you can use a build system like this.

As for vertical slides, it’s not possible yet.

But there is this, right? Allows swiping up and down?

There is that, but it I’m not too sure if this is the effect @galshtengel was asking for. More like vertical slides.

What you could do is add a ion-content inside of your slides to be able to scroll them.

@mhartington @coen_warmer
Thanks for the help!
it is almost what i wanted ! i need a mix between the two.

i want to be able to drag up/down to remove and to swipe to switch between photos.

can i accomplish that ?

where is the ionic slide-box source code ? i will try to mix these two .
i did change the swipe-cards to also drag right/left but ionic-slidebox is much better.

Good think now you can do thing

<img on-swipe-up="onSwipeUp()" />

Thanks to some new directives for gestures :smile: