How to customize a slide box



I’m looking for a way to customize the ion-slide-box item.
I want to see the next and the previous slide without sliding the current slide like this :

Is it possible ?




I’ve already visit this website but it doesn’t work very well…
I took their image to illustrate my idea.
So is there another solution plz ?


Not very good as CSS, maybe @mhartington, @bengtler or @Gajotres could help or you could try Really sorry!


Thank you for your answers but I have already test this solution too…
I should mention it in my first post.
I would like to have a slide box (sliding pages one by one) showing partially the previous and the next slide like in the picture.
The horizontal scroll won’t permit my app to scroll elements one by one. I try to modify the Slider function in the ionic.bundle.js but I want to if there is an existing solution.

(Sorry for my bad english…)


I wrote a working tutorial for you, this example is also included. This examples is not using ionic slide box, what the point. We will use another AngularJS plugin made compatible with Ionic Framework.

###Read it here.

###Ionic View ID: 9E15B2DB


Ok thx!!! :slight_smile:
It’s very useful !