Ion-slide-box slide vertically?


Is it possible to slide vertically using ion-slide-box ?

Disable dragging effect in slider box

Hmmm, sounds pretty interesting. Right now it doesn’t have that ability right out of the box, but you can always make a feature request for it :smile:


Ok Thank you,
I am having a problem with putting

<ion-slide-box> inside <ion-nav-view></ion-nav-view>

is that a known issue?


Well if your using ion-nav-view as the main view, all your children views should be ion-view. Inside your ion-view, you can set up your ion-slide-box


This may be can help you.


thanks, can you give a little example please?


<ion-super-slide-box direction="'vertical'" show-pager="false"> <ion-super-slide> </ion-super-slide> </ion-super-slide-box>


Currently, I use Swiper instead, I love the slide transition, and ng-swiper is the directive I use now


#smadey can you provide and example of using swiper with ionic please?


swiper not working in android mobile. In browser its working fine. how to fix this issue


Easy way for vertical slide box. takes 2 minutes. Check this - Vertical slide box

  <ion-slide *ngFor="let category of categories; let i = index">
    <button ion-item (click)="navItems(">
      <ion-icon name="ios-arrow-forward" item-end></ion-icon>