Vertical swipe effect like 'ion-slide-box'


I have a set of images in an ion-slide-box, which will move left and right once we swipe.
Below those images i have some description. I want to display that description when the user swipes up. And should be able to swipe down, once the user swipes down to view the description. I tried few ways and i am able to do similar effect. Currently i am able to slide/swipe the images horizontally, while i am able to scroll vertically. I want the same effect in vertical direction also.
Let me explain:
When we swipe in an ion-slide-box left/right, the complete visible part(view port) will be moved a side and will be replaced by the next slide. I need the same effect vertically. When i move the slider up/down i want to move the complete visible part up/down, which should be replaced by the description. And there can be more than two vertical sliders in each horizontal slider.

Have a look at the link -
I need same effect vertically, while maintaining the horizontal scroll and position/state of the previous slide as it is.


@rajeshwarpatlolla did you find any way to achieve this effect ? I mean swipe up and down over ion-slide-box ?


@agupta, i used the plugin mentioned above.


Oh ok… sorry I didn’t read it completely my bad. Thanks a lot. I will try to implement the same.