Ionic serve issue

when i am givingionic serve command the browser opens and the page keeps loading…n dont shows the app.

Have you checked your browser console? If an error was thrown there it could block the app from starting.

when i am giving the build command it gets build properly.
console is not showing any error.

Could you provide some more information?

Whats your ionic-cli version: ionic -v
What version of ionic-angular do you have in your package.json?
Is this a brand new project or one that you have updated?

sorry …i just noticed that also build is not working properly.

ionic -v
and in package.json file

"angular2": "2.0.0-beta.6"

still on ionic serve it keeps on loading.

Can you run

npm install -g ionic@beta

To grab the latest CLI

Then run

ionic start testApp --v2 --ts
cd testApp

And run ionic serve in the directory.

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sir i did as you said
npm install -g ionic@beta

and after that

ionic start appname tabs --v2

i didnt changes anything in the newly created project and gave command
ionic serve

still the app keeps on loading in browser.

hello sir
Now its working…
i upgraded it to the .25 version and updated the nodejs to 4.4.3
finally it works smoothly :smile:

Could I use ionic serve in ionic 1 project after I upgrade to ionic@beta?

Yes, this is supported and is also mentioned in our docs.